I have no idea how we have arrived here already and I broke my promise to myself to post regularly.  I have a few excuses but none of them are reasons so we’ll dispense with the list.

St. Ignatius, from St. Peter Basilica 

Today is the feast day of St. Ignatius, one of my favorite saints.  He founded the Jesuits and now I have a favorite Jesuit Pope.  Well, we all have a Jesuit Pope, but Pope Francis may not be your favorite, which is fine, but I hope you lat least like him very much.

This morning I was actually a bit busy at work.  I had two people stop in and three phone calls.  Now it is after lunch and the phone is quite silent.

What is better than hearing from a friend you haven’t heard from in a long time?  I am so happy when that happens and yesterday was the day for me.

I think I may be a Floridian.  I had lunch outside because of the breezes and it not being 90 outside, only 86.

Today will be workout #10 at Boot Camp.  As I drive into the parking lot I often wonder “what fresh hell is in store for me today?”  Sometimes I check the website to see the workout, but I usually have little to no understanding of what they are talking about and if I watch the demo video it’s a bit freaky.

When I was a girl, I played jump rope all the time.  At school, outside in the street, at the park.  I am so embarrassed that I can barely do it any more.  Let’s face it, when I go to boot camp there are many things I cannot do, but the other day jump rope was on the schedule and I thought, “great, no help needed to figure this out!”  !WRONG! Yesterday I did 10 jumps in a row!  Yea for me.

Just an FYI, these ramblings in no way reflect the state of my mind.

It’s Wednesday
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