I went to the store with my husband tonight.  He bought some Marvel Mystery Oil for his car.  We glanced up as it was rung up and saw some sort of code on the register.  The salesclerk had to verify his age.  She did without asking of course, but we asked her why?  Apparently you have to be 18 to buy it along with a host of other products such as spray paint, white out, canned air, etc… Why?  Because kids inhale it and we are trying to protect them.  Okay, I get that, at least I think I get that.
We got to the car and discuss the irony of it.  A girl under 18 can have an abortion, it’s her right because she is female, but if she needs spray paint for her school project, she’s out of luck unless she has an adult with her.
This is why the compound is a good idea.  We go, spend our days with like minded people, wait for the crazies to die off and then re-inhabit with people who have sense.  Are you with me?

Just not right

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