Last week I overdid it a bit and ignored my shoulder pain.  This week it is not back yet to 100% but the coaches have been great at giving modifications to shoulder work.  Today will be a no shoulder work out at all.  I was glad.  I’d get to do what everyone else was doing.  Notice I said, I WAS glad.  Then I looked up the workout of the day.  It’s called “Grief”.  The plan, run 800 meters then 400 meters backwards, 800 meters, 400 meters backwards for time.  I just started running doing a very slow jog  as opposed to rowing on Monday!  Yesterday I alternated jogging and rowing and was able to jog 600 meters, spread out over 5 times.  I rowed 1200 meters.
I decided to look on Pinterest for quotes to motivate me, I like this one:
Slow progress is better than no progress quotes quote fitness workout motivation progress exercise motivate workout motivation exercise motivation fitness quote fitness quotes workout quote workout quotes exercise quotes
Then I  went back to morning prayer:   “May your hand be on the man you have chosen, the man you have given your strength.” (Ps 80:18)  I am chosen, God has given me strength.  I use that strength for many things.  I try to use it to glorify him in all I do.  Today I will use it to do my best with the workout, forward and backward.

Keep Going

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