I don’t go to the doctor. I don’t go for many reasons, such as, they make you wait forever in the waiting room, embarrassing questions are asked and I often don’t recall the answers, I have to listen to people state the obvious, such as, you should lose some weight. But, I have a thyroid problem and it requires monitoring and medicine so I must go. In December I decided to change doctors and go to a family practice type to get whatever I need done in one place. I get a recommendation from a friend, who is also a nurse and off I go. And, all the things I dislike about doctors happens, I wait a long time, hundreds of questions, male nurse weighing me, and so forth. In the end though, the doctor spends more time with me in one visit then my previous one did in close to six visits. Plus, she spoke to me as if I had a brain, which my previous doctor did not! So, I choose to stay and get some major bloodwork done.
So, I am going to live but need to be aware of a few things. My bad cholesterol is good but my good cholesterol is bad and my sugar is a slight concern. On the positive side of things, my testosterone levels are fine. Yes, I am a woman and we have testosterone, but I have plenty which is good, not sure for what and I haven’t let my husband know just yet. My estrogen levels were not tested.
So, after I went over my history,which is quite boring, seriously, I’ve been to the hospital twice and both times came home with a bundle of joy and I had the chicken pox and a wisdom tooth removed. That’s it. I hear the test results which in turn lead to, yes, you guessed it, more tests. I have to have a bone density test, mammogram, and glucose tolerance test. I have no idea about the bone density test, but the other two I have done and they are no fun, none at all.
Then it’s back to the doctor to get the results. See, it’s a never ending cycle! I have a job and friends and books to read and quilts to make, but I promised myself I would take care of myself and so I will. I am be fighting it all the way, but I’ll do it. Hey, maybe I am fighting it because of the testosterone?

Lab Test Results

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  • February 22, 2010 at 2:31 am

    yes, waiting on that quilt…


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