Today we link up with Catholic Mom to discuss Chapter 2:  Assembly Line Construction:  Human Desire, Revelation, and Faith.

First let me say my attention is not the best right now.  I have too much swirling around me and in my head.  But I read the chapter!  And love it!  Favorite quote:  “The saints were not people who were spiritually proactive.  Rather, they were people who were highly responsive to God’s invitation.”  Wow.  Not being spiritually proactive is a recurring message in this chapter and one that is difficult and comforting for me at the same time.  I like being proactive, forging ahead, planning and all that sort of thing.  But God wants to reveal himself to us and enter into a relationship with us.  Not the other way around.  It means I need to have patience and wait.  Which is not what I want to do today.

Looking at today’s questions, I realize that my life is somewhat of an open book.  And while I struggle often to say “they will be done” , my desire is to say it always.

Lawn Chair Catechism; session #2

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