My husband asked me how I knew I should say “yes” to a decision I had to make.  I replied, “I heard the lawn mower.”  It took him a minute and then he understood.  If you want to understand, read on.lawnmower-384589_1920

Tuesday was lawn mowing day at the parish and since there was lots of grass and it got hotter as the day went on the crew often started early, before 8 a.m. early.  And somehow, they would wind up right outside the chapel during the Eucharistic prayer, often at the point of consecration.  On more than one occasion I tried to talk to the lawn guy but had no success.  I asked the parish maintenance man to talk to the landscape company so they could start somewhere else on the property so the noise would not interfere with daily Mass.  And they did that, usually.

A few years ago I was giving a talk at a retreat and as was our custom I was in the chapel praying before giving the talk.  And guess what I heard, the lawn mower!  I began work in a new parish and the first week I was there I went to morning Mass and guess what I heard, the lawn mower!  There are more examples, but I think you get the idea.

This morning I sat in my chair, alone in my house, said a few things to Jesus and then sat in silence, waiting to hear an answer.  “I want this Lord, but do you want this Lord?” And I hear the lawn mower!

Just so you know, I don’t mow the lawn.

Are these all coincidences or God-incidences?



Lawn Mowers & Me
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