What are you doing for Lent? It’s a common question among Catholics this week. I think this year my approach will be simple, add something and take something away. And then life will provide other opportunities to do Lent well.

First, go ahead and read Pope Francis’ message for Lent. It helps to get a perspective on what the point of Lent is.

What can you add? Maybe it’s time to start reading the daily readings, delivered to right to your inbox or via podcast, you choose!

Would you like a daily reflection? Try this one from Loyola Press.

Maybe you’d like to try a daily Examen. Discerning Hearts has one here.

How about adding an extra Mass or two during the week? Or pray the rosary?

Add a practice that will deepen your spiritual life and help you become more aware of God moving in your life.

What can you take away? What we need to give up though is something that controls us or takes our time away from what we need to do or we rely on a bit too much instead of relying on God.

Many of us have that crutch, our go-to response or activity when we are angry or frustrated or overwhelmed. It’s often a bad habit, so ask God in prayer what you should stop doing.

Simple Lenten plans are often the best. Or you can make extravagant plans, but those may have mixed results or lead to feeling like you’ve failed at Lent.


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