So, the season will soon be upon us. I haven’t sat down and thought about what I’d like to do, but little things have been pricking at my thoughts for me to consider. So far, I have been pricked with the following: no fiction reading, fast on Fridays, daily Mass at 7 am rather than 8 am which I often do anyway, walk/ride bike to work, limit Facebook, more prayer time.
There are some logistical issues with Mass at 7 and not driving to work, okay so maybe the issue is laziness on my part. The rest seem possible, but are they enough of a stretch? I don’t want the same trouble as Advent, when all my plans went horribly awry. Lent often has a way of taking care of itself at times.
And, I still need to discuss what my husband would like us to do together. When the children lived at home we would have a family Lenten practice we did all together in addition to what we did on our own.
Well, thoughts are moving, some more prayer and conversation I should be ready by next Wednesday.

Lent in 8 Days

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