Life and death are opposite of each other.  You either have one or the other, but you certainly cannot have both at the same time.  Today though, I will disagree with myself, as I am holding both of these in some way.
Yesterday was a life filled day.  My husband and I stood up for a couple as their marriage was blessed in the Church, I was the bride’s confirmation sponsor and we all were so happy when they received the Body and Blood of Jesus as one for the first time.  So much grace in under an hour.  And then we spent the evening together talking about other weddings, having dinner and laughing.
Today I went to the cancer center to be with my friend as she had her treatment.  She also was told the bad news that the treatment is not working and her cancer has spread, again.  And so we talked about death, heaven, funerals, wills, and burial.  So much grace poured out.  In some ways just like yesterday.
I went back to my office, had a cry and thought about the joy and sadness of the last two days.  Our friends are starting a new life of faith.  My friend is going to die and it is not fair.  I know that her life after death will be full, but it does not take away the sadness I feel at the thought of losing her.
So I sit here, full of hope for all of my friends, that the path they are on is where God wants them and his purpose will be made clear at some point.  Constantly being reminded that life and death are not so much opposite of each other at all.

Life and Death
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One thought on “Life and Death

  • March 10, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    Wow, your strength and wisdom is beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing and I'll be praying for you and those you love as well.

    Looks like Lent this year will have a special meaning for you.

    God bless!


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