Easter Sunday dawned and with it our hope in the Resurrection restored. Christ our Light shines for us. Yet, since the Wednesday of Holy Week all around has been loss and sadness. My list looks like this: one of our parish priests is leaving to discern his vocation for the next two years, two sets of friends are moving to another state, i am getting my daughter ready to leave for college, my son had a car accident and now has no car at all, my husband still has not found employment, my grandmother is getting worse, a good friend’s ex-husband won’t help his daughter with college expenses, another friend had an unexplained seizure and is not quite herself because of the medicine she is taking, another friend has 3 brain aneurysms, there’s more but I am starting to feel like I am whining!
So, on the positive side: both of my children are graduating and excited to begin the next phase of their lives, we are all healthy, my son was not hurt in the car accident, my husband loves me and I love him, all of the pregnant women I know had safe deliveries and healthy babies, I have completed the lay ministry formation program and am graduating, my daughter has her prom gown, and more.
So, in the balance, I can trade my sadness for joy and tears for dancing. Lord, give me the grace to do so.


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