This the last chapter, the last fruit I discuss though it is the first fruit Paul mentions in Galatians 5:25-26, where he lists the fruit of the Spirit. I saved it for last because the word “love” is overused in our society and in that chapter I talk about some very personal things that I needed to work up to.

There are so many trite phrases about love: it means never having to say you are sorry, it is a decision, it’s not easy, it can’t be found, and more that speak mostly about romantic love. As Christians, we are called to the same self-giving love that Jesus has for us. I have many crucifixes in my house,  reminders of how much love I have been given and how much I am asked to give.

That is our challenge. To love as Jesus did and not count the cost. It’s not possible unless we do it through him who gives us the strength to all things.


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