One weekend a month my DIT goes to seminary. I then go to Sunday Mass alone and answer the question, “where is John?” numerous times. But, this Sunday as I sat there, I thought, someday, I am going to sit here by myself every Sunday while John is up on the altar. I thought back to when we were first married and it was just us at Mass, then with the children and how we could not sit next to each other because one child would want to be between us. And then, the children left us, to be altar servers, to sing in the choir, to lector, to usher and so it was just us though the children were within sight. Now, the children have left and so we are back to Mass just the two of us. I wonder what it will be like to sit alone each week? I guess it’s good he goes away to learn, so I can learn to sit at Mass without him.

Mass Alone

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