I enjoy attending Mass and go often during the week as well as on Sundays. I work at my parish so it is not difficult do to at all.
The drawback is finding time to pray without interruption. Last week, I decided to attend the 7 am Mass instead of the 8 am as there are fewer people which always means less distractions. As i was sitting in the silence before Mass began, I felt the gentle tap of one of our deacons, “Would you mind reading the scriptures, the lector is not here?” “Of course”, I whisper back. “Oh, and could you also help serve as Extraordinary Minister? We’ve lost some people to the parish mission this week.” “Sure, no problem. Is the homily covered?”
This is pretty constant and while it is always an honor to serve at Mass, the desire to sit and pray without interruption is always there in the background.
Since I have been on vacation since Friday and my travel plans changed due to weather I was home today. And was adamant that I would not go to my parish (aka where I work) for Mass. So, husband and I went to another near-by church and it was lovely. There was nothing special, but I was able to sit for an entire Mass next to my husband and act like a regular person. Not the one who needed to jump up if something was going wrong or help was needed. (I could make a list, but just trust me, something always happens!)
What a blessing!

Mass (Distraction)

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