Me: I need some more moisturizer, please order for me when you get our vitamins and herbs.
Husband: Okay, but how do you know moisturizer is working?
Me: Good question, I guess we’ll know in a few years if I don’t have so many wrinkles.

But, now, really, how do we know moisturizer is working? Or is it some cruel hoax perpetrated on unsuspecting women to make them part with money in the quest to retain a youthful face?
I suppose you could only use it on half your face and see what happens. Of course, if it works you’re going to look awfully strange; if it doesn’t, you’ll stop wasting your money.
For now, I am using it, it does make my face feel nice when I put it on, so that’s something. Personally, I think the bast way for a face to look good is to be happy.

Moisturizer Question

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