My daughter has been home from college since Sunday. She is going back Saturday with a car and her father. The car she is keeping, her father is needed only for the day so he can help her move into her apartment. This week fro some reason I have been so struck by who she is as a person. And I just love her. I mean, I have always loved her, from the moment I laid on eyes on the dark haired, screaming because she was hungry little baby laid in my arms. But now, as she moves further into becoming an adult, I am awed. And I told her so. I an struck by her lack of materialism, sense of responsibility, ability to make decisions and level headedness. She is also living out her faith and sharing it with others.

The other part of this that awes me is that she and I enjoy being together. I did not experience that with my own mother until I was much, much older. And even now, it is not always easy. So, sometimes, when we are out having lunch or shopping, I sit back and think how wonderful it is to have a daughter that blesses me by being who she is. Actually, I think about it often!

My Daughter

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