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I’ve been hearing and reading about cell phone use lately and how distracting phones can be and addicting they are for some people.  I have a smart phone and when I bought it the first thing I did not do is enable push notifications for my email, Facebook, Twitter and various other apps.   I check those things when I want to, not every time someone posts a new cat picture or tweets about a great article they just read.

I enjoy social media, but it has its place and that is when I am alone or have downtime, not when I am out to dinner with friends or taking a walk.  This is not say I’ve never taken a selfie on a night out, but you don’t know every time I go out by looking at my social media feeds.  And why would you care?  I’m sure you are busy with your own life.

I know some people need to be very connected to their phones; I also know some people just think they need to be very connected.  And it is not necessarily a young person phenomena; older folks use their phones often with little regard for those around them.

For me, it comes down to this; cell phones are great and I like having the internet in my pocket but it will never replace face to face time with people.

Nearing the end
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