Last week was one of those weeks you just don’t want to repeat.  Happily, this week has started out in the most wonderful way.
All went well with our RCIA Rite of Welcome.  The best part of the day though was Family Penance and Mass.  The clergy types were not very hopeful as to a good turn out or participation  especially for confession.  I showed have placed some bets though, because I would have won.  There were about 150 people present in church.  I think about 75% of our faith formation families were there as well as a few other folks who choose to come at that time.  The families were very positive and pleased.
The confirmation students who served as lector and ushers were well prepared and did a nice job.
My hope in this is that parents will see the value of attending Mass on a weekly basis with their children.  If a genie ever appears before me, that will be one of my wishes. Before a self cleaning bathroom and never going grocery shopping again.
I think the new year has begun on a very positive note.  Now if I could just get the candles in the advent wreath to stay straight, perfection will have occurred.

New Year

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