The essentials of Christian Spirituality are 1.private prayer and private morality; 2. social justice; 3. mellowness of heart and spirit; 4. community as a constitutive element of spirituality says Rolheiser in “The Holy Longing.” The idea is to have balance among these and to know that each part is important and necessary. It is not enough to pray, one must serve those in need, be part of a community and have joy.

I think people are drawn to others who live out these four essentials.

Nonnegotiables of Christian Life

One thought on “Nonnegotiables of Christian Life

  • January 21, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    Dear sister Deanna, I really like the quotation of St.Ignatius Loyola that you have quoted. That actually sums up the non-negotiables of a christian life. If we really have to list, the list can be endless, and we may even lose the wood for the trees!!! isn't it? Thanks anyway, I like your blog.


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