I really like my new toy.  It has been quite some time since I had a new toy.  I like reading on it.  I like using the apps on it.  I like posting to Facebook from it.  My daughter is very disappointed in me.  She says I have gone over to the ‘dark side’ and she is not pleased. 
Let me first review the apps I like:  Evernote, Fliq Calendar and Conqu.  Evernote is what I use on my computer and now can use it anywhere.  If I happen to be in a wi-fi area, then it syncs automatically, if not, it syncs later.  Love that feature.  I am still learning about how to best use Evernote, though the little I have done has been helpful.  The Fliq calendar is very basic; displays by month, week or day plus a list of all upcoming events.  I rarely use that last feature, since it is slightly overwhelming to see it all at the same time.  I just added Conqu today, but I’ve already started my list of things to do.
Of course, I also read on my nook.  It is back lit so I can read in bed in the dark.  This is, of course, every bibliophile’s dream come true.  It’s probably a good thing this was not around when I was a child. 
I can borrow books from the library using my nook too.  The odd thing is that they have a limited number of copies they can loan this way.  I understand that when you are dealing with bound books, but why with electronic ones?  You can reserve books and then you receive an email and download the book.  No late fees with this system.  The book is pulled through cyberspace right back on its due date. 
So, with all these benefits, why does my daughter say it’s the ‘dark side?’  She says the beauty of a book is feeling the weight in your hands, opening it for the first time and getting the new book smell.  I can see her
point, but then I reminded her that all of her favorite books are sitting in her bookcase, while she is sitting in Perth.  If she had a nook, they could all be with her!

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  • August 24, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    I love.Love.LOVE my Kindle — even without all the fancy features you have on your nook. But the best part is, if I really REALLY love the book I buy it in hardcopy to have and to hold from this day forward. What's this? Best of both worlds, baby!


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