I am looking forward to life getting back to normal in our house. Except, both children are home instead of away. Why? Well, son is waiting for the call to go to New York and daughter is not leaving for Australia until Feb. 13. So, the only thing that went back to normal is that husband went back to work today and son’s girlfriend went back to home. This is good so now I have my sewing/office room back.
It the cooking dinner thing I get confused about when everyone is home. Are they eating with us or not? Could my son the chef make dinner for a change? I’ve also forgotten how to cook for the very picky daughter. Can I expect all the housecleaning done since no one is employed or has school work to do? What about the lawn and the laundry? I think the grocery shopping will be given to someone besides me or husband.
And now all the things we need to do to get her ready to go clear across the world, into a totally different time zone, on another continent. And how can they both leave at the same time, hardly seems fair to a mom, does it?
Did you ever think that normal is change and that no change is strange?


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