At least at our parish it is. And since I am director of stewardship, I am quite busy. Now, many people are very much against stewardship and I am aware of this. But, you don’t stop preaching God’s word and truth because people don’t like it.
So, last weekend we invited everyone to “take a step” in time, talent, and treasure. This weekend we have our ministry fair and lay witness speakers. Then it is commitment weekend and we end before Thanksgiving with a ministry blessing for all those involved in ministry.
So, what is the point of all this? Well, our Bishops have a document called, “Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response” , which gives you a detailed explanation along with study questions. If you’d rather not read the whole thing I can sum it up:
1. Stewardship is not optional for the baptized.
2. All that we have comes from God.
3. Gratitude is the only response possible for all that he has given to us.
4. A good steward is a good Christian.
5. All sin can be seen as a lack of being a good steward.
Think about it.

November is Stewardship Month

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