I noticed today how much I dislike people constantly around me, even if we are not interacting. There are people in my office who cut through my office to get to the copy machines or worse, use the shredder without closing my door. I just can’t stand it. They can go a few more steps and not cut through my office. Our offices are small and we are on top of each other. I share my office with the music director, there is a 3/4 wall between us. He is not is too often when I am there, so it’s not too bad. But this constant traffic drives me nuts. The other issue is people coming into my office when I am with someone or on the phone talking to someone. I need some privacy and space. It is so unprofessional and really unnecessary. If there is an emergency, by all means interrupt but otherwise, WAIT.
We are a group of people where almost each of has the word “director” in our title, I really wish people would behave more like a director than a crisis responder.


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