My goals for 2014 are in front of me every time I sit at my desk.  I’ve been hesitant to look at them with more than a quick glance.  I’m sure I am behind since this week beings the fifth month of this year, full of auspicious goals.

Well, let’s take a peek and see how I’m doing:
The following are DONE!  parish mission was a success; JDRF walk – most excellent; finished Isaiah(it’s about mercy and justice people); Cursillo Encounter; prayer book and birthday cards for faith formation; cleaned out the pantry and purses; John now has a man cave and the on-line Catholic Writer’s conference was great!
I’ve not been very good at posting on this blog or anything else related to it; my exercise plan of six days a week is closer to four,so my weight loss has slowed considerably.  My bed gets made almost everyday, but not always by me.
Ten goals have been achieved with one third of the year gone.  Clearly, I am behind.  But I am motivated, if only because I have promised people certain things would happen and I can’t let them down.  And I feel a tug on my heart for a few others as well.
As I look them over I see why I put them down and am convicted that I need to do them.  I’m not sure if I am lacking in time, persistence or motivation?  I suspect it has been a combination of all three.
Some very big things are off my plate now so time should be somewhat easier to manage.  It’ll all happen when it should.

One third down, not done
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