It has been a week and I have much to be grateful for beginning with God’s mercy and ending with the Eucharist. 
Family is a blessing and having both our children living near us is wonderful  My son kicked off his new business, The Plate and Table with a fabulous dinner Wednesday night and our daughter had a birthday.  My husband does not need to see the infectious disease doctor for the foreseeable future.  
I also must say that last weekend was insanely busy for me.  On Monday when I was getting dressed I was so surprised that my husband had not only done the laundry, but folded and put my clothes away!  What a guy.  
At work we had a canned food drive and there was a very good response.  
We finally did our yard work.  On Saturday morning we went and hired two day laborers and got busy.  How bad was the yard?  Well, the front was okay, but the side and back were so bad one guy asked if we had been gone all summer and were just getting back?  WOW!  
I am on week 9 of the Retreat in the Real World.  It is truly amazing.  Last week the focus was on gratitude, I am constantly humbled by the love and mercy God has for each of us. 
Being grateful is helping me change my thought process to focus more on the positive and the possibilities in my life.  How does being grateful  help you?
Overwhelmingly Grateful

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