Does every parish have problems with the hall and kitchen? This morning I got to church a little early and was greated by a terrible sight. The new cabinets we had installed in the kitchen were in pieces outside the kitchen. I go in the kitchen and the Knights of Columbus are cooking for the monthly pancake breakfast. Well, apparently, when they arrived to start getting ready they found two big problems. 1: the cabinets were on the floor and food everywhere along with broken containers. A huge mess! 2: the hall was not set up properly from last night’s event so that also needed to be done.
No one was happy and since working with the ministries is part of my new job, I heard about it, repeatingly, from many different people.
But worst of all will be what I hear when the person who put the cabinets in, finds out what happened.
Of course, some of you folks may be asking how did this happen? Well, the cabinets were about 8 feet high, 3 separate ones, which were attached to each other but not the wall. The middle cabinet was full of #10 cans on the upper shelves and paper goods on the bottom. So, all fell together. That’s all I know. I think we need to bless our kitchen!

Parish Hall and Kitchen

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