What a wonderful day! Two special occasions on one day, Pentecost and Mother’s Day. I was waiting with breath held at Mass this morning to see if our deacon was going to preach on moms or Pentecost. He actually tied them together briefly but his main focus was on Pentecost, as it should have been. He tied it to moms by saying that mothers often have to push their children to get moving, so to with the Holy Spirit. He also told an old joke about the man who would not go to Sunday Mass because he didn’t like the people and the people didn’t like him. His mother said he had to go because he was the pastor and she said so. Huge paraphrase, jokes are not my thing.
I hope we are all filled anew with the Holy Spirit!


One thought on “Pentecost

  • May 12, 2008 at 2:55 am

    Funny — our priest did the same thing. He talked about both mothers and Pentecost briefly, and then to just Pentecost.Funny joke at the end! LOL


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