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Come, Holy Spirit, Come! Lord, Send us your Spirit! Breathe on us, Spirit of God! Rain down Holy Spirit with your holy fire! Do those sound like the prayers you prayed on Pentecost or any time you want to be filled with the Spirit? They sound like mine for sure. On and off on Pentecost Sunday I prayed those prayers and couldn’t wait for Mass. And I sat there, looking at the Crucifix, I realized something. I was asking God to pour out his Spirit and asking to be filled with it, but was I really open and ready to receive it?

We ask in honesty, our prayers of supplication, the desire for renewal fierce and deep inside in our soul. At Mass, I could almost feel my body humming, as if electricity was running through me. God was answering me. Would it work? I’ve been thinking about this for days, will I allow the Spirit to move me, to work in me? The spirit blows where it will (ref. John 3:8) but if I refuse to allow it to move me, it does nothing.

Is the desire for more of the Holy Spirit a desire for change and growth? Or is it more of the “ought” to ask thought since it’s Pentecost? Wind is a sign of the Holy Spirit. Have you ever experienced hurricane winds? Living in south Florida I have, more than once. These winds are not gentle, they uproot trees, take off roofs, cause the house to shake. And then, the eye of the storm passes over, eerily quiet and still, before the wind begins again.

That is the fresh outpouring of the Spirit. The sort that will shake us up and move us forward in our journey of faith. Propel us into prayer and action. I talk about living not lukewarm frequently. But do I? Many times, I have asked that question and realized the answer was no. I was more interested in being comfortable than in allowing the Spirit to blow where it would in me. It’s hard to let go of control, to surrender, to allow the Holy Spirit in.

There is a shift in my soul. I’m ready to stop asking the same questions over and over. Really, if I’m tired of asking them God might also be tired of answering them. You know the phrase, “do the hard thing?” In this case, the hard thing is not so much a thing to do but an attitude to embrace. It is to truly live not lukewarm, filled with the gifts of the Spirit and allowing Jesus to move me.

Do you want the Holy Spirit to live in you? What do you need and want to rid yourself of so there is room for him? Jesus will gently show you, then surrender it all and say Come Holy Spirit!

Want a Prayer to the Holy Spirit?

Pentecost Living
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