Yes, I know today is Ascension Thursday, and not Pentecost. But Pentecost will be celebrated in ten days on May 23 and tomorrow is the day to begin the Novena of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Why pray it? A few reasons: 1. It is a reminder to us of the time the apostles and Mary sat locked in the upper room after Jesus ascended to the Father. They spent that time in prayer. 2. Who does not need an infusion of the Holy Spirit? I know I do. If you don’t think you need it, pray for someone who does. 3. It is the only novena officially prescribed by the Church. 4. When I pray it, Pentecost is personally more meaningful.

If you’d like to pray the Novena, you can check in here each day. If a printed version is better for you, EWTN has it available.


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