I have come to the conclusion that I am really bothered by the phrase, “that’s just the way he/she is.” I work with people who use this phrase as an excuse for poor behavior, mistreatment of others, and glaring rudeness. If you are a certain way, and it offends others, should you not at least try to change. Or else, you must suffer the consequences of others being “just the way they are.” I notice that people who live their lives spewing that phrase, think it is fine for themselves, but not for you. I mean, it seems only right and fair that is you can be yourself, then others should be themselves as well. But no, that is too much for these people to accept. I must accept their humanity and personality quirks, but they do not have to accept mine. I want to start reacting to people instead of pausing and trying to remember that I work in a church and should be pastoral. I have to understand the unorganized, no concern for time, last minute changes guy. Why does he not have to understand my need to be organized, on time and not make changes unless absolutely necessary.
I could go on; but I won’t. I think I need some time off!

Pet Peeve

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