Are there things that happen in life that annoy you?  Little things that just prick at you all the time or at least often enough that you wish, just for second, that you could wave your wand and it would be gone.  I’ve got a few, maybe more and these are for now, they are subject to change because, well, new annoyances crop up on a regular basis.

1.  People who take it upon themselves to shorten my name to one letter, “D”.  That’s not my name, I really dislike being called that and if you can’t say my name, ask me; I’d rather tell you how to pronounce it than tell you to stop calling me “D”.

2.  Road kill.  I know it’s not the poor animals fault, but it’s yucky, especially first thing in the morning and when it’s a pet it is really yucky.  (I know my friends are thinking, she doesn’t even like animals, and you are right, but road kill is gross.)

3.  Buying a package of socks or underwear that are supposed to all be the same size and they are not!

4.  Spam comments on blog posts.  I get excited that someone has said something and I find out it’s someone who wants to sell me a purse.  Blah!

5.  People who don’t change the comment on Pinterest pins.  I’m not saying anything else.

6.  Drivers slowing down to 50 MPH on the highway because a policeman is giving someone a ticket.

7.  Music from cars so loud mine starts to shake.

8.  It is sad that I have terrific ideas of things to write about until I sit down to write.

9.  Stores that change things around so your stuff isn’t where it was the last time.

10.  Fruit with stickers on them.

Please feel free to add your pet peeves in the com box.

Pet Peeves

2 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  • August 16, 2013 at 2:32 pm

    I laughed out loud at your spam comments pet peeve — I am exactly the same way. But then I laughed even harder when I thought I just *had* to put something in my comment about the Thirty-One purse special this month – 50% off when you spend $35! Hahahahahaha! {Like lockets better? hahahahaha!} Sorry, I am having fun at the expense of your comments list today…I miss you! Let's do tea! {and no talk of lockets or purses, promise! 😉 } xo

  • August 16, 2013 at 2:36 pm

    Oh! And I agree with all of your pet peeves except the D one…that's pretty exclusive. 😉 And another one of my pet peeves? Junk Mail. Kills trees and gets me excited to think there is actually something fun in the box but no – just another car insurance ad or postcard from the Realtor who DIDN'T sell my house telling me he “did it again” selling another house in my neighborhood. *grumble, grumble*


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