Have you ever noticed that people rarely talk about death? Today I spent time with my friend who has cancer and she talked about death, hers. Her cancer was caught late, and so her prognosis is not the best. And of course, we pray for a miracle daily.
This is her second round of cancer and chemo treatments. The only positive this time is her hair is still in place.
She said she no longer thinks about things most women our age do, like seeing her kids graduate high school and go off to college, grandchildren, retirement, or growing old. Instead, she’s decided that if this cancer comes back anytime soon, she and her husband will get a nanny so she can train her to raise the kids and take care of the house like she would. I don’t want my friend to die until we’ve danced at all our children’s weddings, held our grandchildren, and watched our husbands go bald or gray. But there is a reality and her reality is that she may not live to 45, let alone 50. So all of that may not happen or it may. We don’t know. And so, we keep hoping and praying. And even if she doesn’t want to dream about the future, I will do it for us both.


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