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Months ago I started a podcast and while I was happy I had made the effort, it was not exactly what I expected and I was a bit disheartened. Enter God and podcasting took a huge upturn when I met the wonderful Felice Gerwitz who owns the Ultimate Christian Podcast Network. There are no coincidences and this meeting was just the thing I needed. And so, I am now on the Ultimate Christian Podcast Network with the Not Lukewarm Podcast!!!! I’m thrilled, can you tell with all the exclamation points?!!!! Okay, I’ll stop now.

Episodes drop every Friday morning at I’ll talk about faith, scripture, interview authors and speakers, and living life Notlukewarm. Each week includes a “Not Lukewarm Challenge” that gives you a prayer, idea or action that helps us live our lives to the fullest. Sometimes there’s a download for you too. And, for those who’d rather read instead of listening, each episode has a post which gives the highlights of what I talk about, including references and links. Just click on the episode on my page you ‘ll get to the show notes.

My hope is to serve you on your faith journey. If you have questions for me or topics you’d like me to cover, please let me know. And if you like the podcast, please share it with others.

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