Tonight is the last night for RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) official classes.  We will practice for the Vigil, making sure the (2) folks know where to walk and stand, when to talk and how to respond.  I’ve reassured them that I’ve not lost anyone in all my years of this and don’t intend for anything to happen that among the pastor, myself and the Holy Spirit we can’t handle.

I’ve gone over the liturgy numerous times, have copious notes and it all seems like it’s in place.  I can do this.  We don’t have any baptisms or clothes changing this year, so really, it’s not that complicated.  Yet I worry.  Did I forget anything?  Of course, when the pastor says, “I hope I don’t forget this part, but if I do, say something to me” it really is not helpful. Besides, I saw his missal, notes all over the place, including the Confirmation names! 
On the phone today with a friend I figured out my problem.  I don’t have a team; it is just me.  And when you have done something many times, you can sometimes forget the obvious things that you have to tell people who are doing something for the first time.  For example, you should bless yourself when the priest sprinkles you with holy water during the Sprinkling Rite.
The other downside it that they only get my take, my style of music, my way of praying.  I am not the final word in Catholicism style.  In the end, I offer all this up and pray for my people. (I know I’m not Moses)
I am always in awe at this point of the journey, standing in that liminal space, waiting to let go of the breath I don’t realize I am holding.
May the Holy Spirit fill us with radiant joy and peace as we celebrate the Triduum.

Practice and Prayer

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