Today’s Gospel had so many possible themes to address. It was the deacon formation retreat weekend, our Bishop came and celebrated the Sunday liturgy with us at the retreat center.  He spoke about a few different things, but what I took away is that first and foremost we must be people of prayer.  He reminded our husbands that in order for them to be effective as ministers, they must pray always.  It is no less true for all people.  

Bishop told us that if Abraham could speak to God the way he did about the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, we certainly could and should be just as bold and persistent.  It was interesting when he told us to remember that Abraham was talking to God face-to-face and yet he did not shrink from begging God.
I have been formulating a list of goals to accomplish in the next six months and becoming more dedicated and persistent to prayer is added to the list as of today.
Prayer and Persistence

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