In my business, that is church business, I usually hear more than my fair share of bad news about the goings on in people’s lives. It comes with the territory. This past month though, most of this bad news is about my friends. People I know and love and are very dear to me. It is not as easy to simply say I’ll pray for you when it is a friend. I try to offer up my daily communion for someone who is in need of prayer and strength. Lately I can’t decide who needs it the most. So, I ask you to pray with me for these people and their needs:
D- who starts chemo tomorrow, her second bout of cancer
Y- for remission of cancer
N- who is recovering from surgery
T – who is getting her tonsils removed
T- who is having her deviated septum fixed and sinuses cleaned out
B- and her family as they bury her dad
B- for a new job
T- who is pregnant
all the unemployed
our office staff
and lastly my husband and me as we start a new business venture.


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