I am supposed to be working on a paper. I don’t want to, so I am surfing and goofing off. But it’s okay, no one is home to notice. That’s because my husband went to a friend’s house to watch the football games and our man/boy son is at work. Come to think about it, I haven’t seen my son in days. I did talk to him on the phone. He needed my quinoa recipe for a lunch party.
So, what is the paper about? Well, I have to identify and reflect on a social policy issue. I thought about immigration laws, but that is to big for 8-10 pages. Abortion is overdone, plus I do not need to analyse this issue, it’s wrong, wrong, wrong. Reading the law will not change my mind.
At one time I was an abstinence educator, wonderful job, absolutely loved almost everything about it. Just didn’t like that our Catholic schools in our diocese didn’t want to let us in to teach the program, that’s the only thing I didn’t like. So, I am going to look at abstinence education, specifically in Florida (where I live) and why it is necessary and important. I also have to look at laws and legislation, but I have some info based on a grant I worked on.
Wish me luck.


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