I have been noticing a trend with many of the women I know. So many are running 5Ks, mini-marathons, or half marathons. Some are in training for triathlete competitions or play on a sports team. Some are my age, some a bit younger and I wonder what is going on? I also wonder if I should be doing something too? I have stopped exercising and need to start again for many reasons. As a child and teen I never played organized team sports, only my brothers did even though there were girls teams available. In high school I tried to learn racquetball, but my hand eye coordination was awful. I really liked weight lifting and running. Well, when it didn’t feel like icicles were in your chest when you were breathing hard, I liked running. I also, embarrassingly enough, liked aerobics class complete with leg warmers. I am OLD!
Okay, so now, this competing keeps popping up on Facebook with my friends. I am intrigued. Not that I am in any shape to run, but maybe I need to consider that I am not too old to become athletic. So what if up to now my favorite sport has been yoga.
Exercising is all about discipline and pushing yourself. I think that could be part of my personal growth, to see if even now, after a lifetime (almost) of a lack of pushing my body I can do something I’ve never done before.

Pushing your Body

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