More Quick Takes at Conversion Diary

1.  I gave birth yesterday to our new parish website.  It is not up yet, so I can’t show it to you.   I am trying hard not to worry and that it all goes smoothly.  I worked with Radius, which is part of Our Sunday Visitor and the process was pretty painless.  I would say the two most difficult things was learning their system which was slightly different from the last website I worked on and getting staff to give me bios and pictures.  The latter has not occurred, so I made a minimalist staff page until I can get what I want from everyone.

2.  We completed two studies this week, Mark and Introduction to the Bible.  We are taking a break for Easter and then will pick up with Acts and The Letter of James.  There has been a very positive response to adult studies in the parish, it is very nice to see people hungry to learn about our faith.

3.  My two next projects are producing the Confirmation and First Communion booklets.  Not a favorite thing to do, but I console myself that the first time is most difficult and then it will be much easier.  Our parish secretary has also assured me she will make the actual booklets on the printer, since that is usually where I fail.  Those machines really seem to have it in for me!

4.  Last weekend we went to Disneyworld.  We went to Hollywood Studios and Epcot.  The Rock and Roller Coaster in Hollywood studios was unbelievably awesome.  We also sampled a few adult beverages with the frozen margaritas being our favorite and vodka lemon iced tea a second.  The vodka tea will be re-created this Saturday at a 50th party, shhh, it’s a surprise.  No, she doesn’t read my blog or Facebook or anything else connected with the internet so I’m safe.

5.  On Sunday we were able to go to Hillstone in Winter Park for lunch.  That’s where our son works as the kitchen manager.  It was fun watching him work in the open kitchen.  Basically he stands over the long counter where the food is cooked and plated and makes sure everything is done correctly.  He’s tall, so it looks a bit intimidating.  Our friend Ron does a great impression. Peter made us the best dessert, Banana Cream pie with fresh bananas, whipped cream, and a burnt sugar caramel that should be illegal it tasted so good.  We all agreed they should open a Hillstone in Jupiter for us.

6.  I need to go fast now, since I have been charged with doing some writing for the Palm Sunday bulletin. Should I sign it as myself or the pastor?

from 24/7 Moms

7.  Tuesday is our Lenten Healing Mass, we are making these centerpieces using daises instead of tulips.  Very excited.

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