This weekend our diocese is having its Rachel’s Vineyard retreat. This is a retreat for post-abortive women and men. It’s a wonderful retreat and I have been involved in different facets through the years. Sometimes I have been the cook, other times a prayer partner for a participant, a maker of angels and cookies, and other tasks as well. This year my husband will offer prayers for the retreatants and the team at the retreat center. The entire weekend is covered in prayer by having perpetual adoration in the retreat center chapel.
The monstrance is one of the most beautiful and unique I have ever seen. It is Mary, her arms held the way you hold a baby, and in the crook of her elbow, where the baby’s head would be, is the Host. So, it is Mary holding Jesus! I am not doing any justice to this, but trust me, it is awesome and such a reminder that Mary holds each of us in her arms. What a beautiful image for these suffering women and men to see this weekend.
Please offer your prayers as well for this group to experience God’s unending love and mercy and a return to wholeness after the pain of abortion.

Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat

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