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I opened the garage door this morning, put all my bags in my car and went over to the driver’s side.As I turn there is a toad in the driveway, eyeing me.  I suspect it’s the toad who lives in the yard and he knows I dislike him since he hops around and creeps me out when I weed.  I shoo it away but clearly it thinks I’m inviting him into the garage.  It hops under my car and I think, “please don’t get under my tires”, because as much as I dislike a live toad in my garage, a dead one would require an intervention and I just want to go to work. The toad is not dead but I do think it’s still in the garage.

There is a church I see from the highway on the way to work.  Sometimes there is a sign on it advertising a program or VBS; sometimes a phrase.  Currently it says “Speaking where the Bible Speaks”.  Lots of questions about that idea.

Bumper sticker:  “Sometimes you’re the bug; Sometimes you’re the windshield”  Okay, so who is winning on this one.  The bug dies when it hits the windshield but the windshield winds up with a yucky dead bug on it.  I don’t want to be either since it seems to me the only two options are dead or dirty.

Okay, on a serious note.  I was debating if I should go to Mass this morning.  Stop yelling at me, I know I should go whenever I can but, blah, blah, blah.  Anyway, I had time before Mass so I decide to check my inbox if there is anything that needs my attention ASAP.  (as if that ever happens, NOT) Instead I read this: “No where is the Church more experienced as mother than in the liturgy. “With a mother’s foresight, she lavishes on us day after day in her liturgy the nourishment of the word and Eucharist of the Lord” (CCC, 2040). ”  — from Christ Our Compass  Ahem.  If you would like to receive little notes in you inbox or via twitter, sign up at American Catholic.  

I made a new breakfast treat for this week.  Egg Cupcakes.  I got the idea here.   I totally simplified it and did not add liver, but it’s a winner!  I’ll post the recipe I used one day this week.

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