1.  I am wasting time instead of doing the tasks I need to accomplish.
2.  Comment made by a friend today, “Why is it that the exception somehow needs to become the rule?” This can be applied in so many areas of life, no?
3.  There was a bug in daughter’s room, screams for help.  Parents ignore screams. Eventually I go by her door and look for the now presumed dead bug to help, maybe.  Then we must hear how it is a man’s job to kill and remove bugs.  That is their sole purpose in life.  To kill bugs for women who are quite capable of killing the bug themselves.  Did I mention said daughter is twenty-four?
4.  I cooked quinoa burgers for dinner tonight.  Most excellent.  FYI, the recipe, which I followed (for a change) made well over 10 burgers.  So now I have leftovers to bring to work.  Should I share them?
5.  I had three visitors today at work.  I took them on a tour of the Church.  The real wax candles are loved by all.  I also showed our very holy bathroom to my friends.  Why is it holy?  Well, it was once part of a confessional and part hallway so there are two stained glass windows in there, Jesus Finding the Lost Sheep and The Prodigal Son.
6.  This weekend we will have our statues covered in purple at Church.
7.  We bought white and yellow fabric to drape over the front doors of the Church when our new Pope is elected.
8.  I have been watching some conclave coverage on my computer at the office.  Hey, when you work at  a parish, it’s okay, we must keep up with the news you know.  Anyway, I decided I like listening to the Mass in Italian.  And, yes, I understand most of it.
9.  Chris Tomlin concert Friday night.  I am delighted, eager, enthusiastic, excited and thrilled to be going.  Not only for the show but the fact that I get to spend the evening with some great friends as well.
10.  Busy day tomorrow, not just for me but all those cardinals in Rome.  Keep praying, maybe tomorrow’s the day!

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