Here it is late Wednesday and I have yet to write my reflection for Saturday afternoon’s prayer service for the formation retreat.  To explain, my husband is studying to become a deacon and once a year there is a retreat for husbands and wives.  I received this assignment a month ago.   The scripture I am asked to reflect on is Matthew 2:9-15, which is the Visit of the Magi and The Flight into Egypt.  Everything I write is so sad.  I have prayed and read and thought and wrote and started all over again, and all I get is sad.  I sound like being a parent is the most awful thing and all your kids do is rip your heart out when they grow up.  That being a friend leads to pain and suffering. I can’t seem to get to a place where I tell about the joy of saying yes to God; how he provides and guides and loves those who say yes. I would be lying to say that my friend’s death did not have impact on my life.  But I spend time thinking about our friendship I remember the happy and sad times.  And certainly, as a parent, I don’t remember a time when both of our children seemed to be so exactly in the right place.
Mary’s yes led her to a beautiful journey of fulfillment not only for her but for all of us whom Jesus saved.  I want to capture both the struggles and the joys of being a parent.  But most importantly I want to convey the satisfaction of saying yes to God.

It’s back to praying, reading, thinking and writing for me tonight.  I’ll let you know what happens!  Pray for me please.

Reflection Dilemma
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