Scene #1
Parent: I want to sign my child up for CCD.
Sec’y: Great, here’s a form and a schedule.
Parent: What time are classes?
Sec’y: There are 3 choices on the form, you choose which time is best for you.
Parent: (looking at form) Are there other choices?
I (DRE) overhear this passing by and my thoughts are: sure, we have other times, but they are a secret; only for my close friends and people I like. Of course I do not say these things. If there were other choices, wouldn’t we let people know about them?!
Sec’y: No, we have those 3 options, nothing else.
Parent takes form and leaves, a bit put out.

Scene #2
Parent: I need to register my son for Religious Ed. I have the form filled out.
DRE: No problem, let me check if there is still room in the class, some are already full. (last official day of registration)
DRE: Oh, the Tuesday section is very full, can you come on Wednesday instead.
Parent: No, this happened last year too when I waited until the last minute. Because of my work schedule I can only get him here on Tuesday.
DRE thoughts: so why did you wait again until the last minute if you know your schedule and the same thing happened last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DRE: Well, I will call the catechist and see what we can do for you or you can home school him again.

We did put him in the Tuesday class.

Scene #3
Parent: I want to register for classes.
DRE sec’y: Okay, here’s a form and a schedule.
Parent: Oh, I would also like to help with the program.
DRE sec’y: Great, I’ll have Deanna call you when she gets in.
Parent: But I can’t teach at these times, can I do the class at a different time, that works better with the soccer schedule?
DRE sec’y: Well, no, we have classes at these times only.
Parent: I don’t think that is going to work.
So, does not register, leave name, or call to discuss options.

We now have 2 1/2 weeks before classes start. It only gets more interesting!
St. Dominic, pray for me.

Registration Comments, Top 3 of the Week

2 thoughts on “Registration Comments, Top 3 of the Week

  • September 2, 2007 at 4:12 am

    And here I am all impressed that you guys have three options (and a home school option too!). We have two options — sign up for the one night or don’t fulfill your duty of having your kids in religious ed. LOL Well…I guess I could actually have them signed up at one of the other parishes in the area for an extra fee, but I don’t know that I would feel comfortable with that.Sending prayers to you that you won’t pull out all of your hair between now and the start of R.E.!

  • September 10, 2007 at 3:05 am

    This cracked me up. My husband and I do marriage prep and we get similar interactions from the engaged looking to do their PreCana.


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