Today is the third Sunday of Advent or Gaudete Sunday.  We are reminded today to rejoice, for Christ will be born soon!  Instead of purple vestments, the priest has the option to choose rose colored ones.  If you have an Advent wreath, today you will light the pink (rose) candle along with the two purple ones.

The readings for Mass today remind us that when Jesus comes all will be made right again.  The land itself will burst with life, sick will be healed, and the weak strengthened.  But we must have patience.  Patience is not easy, especially at this time of year when it seems that our to-do lists outweighs our time and there are so many people in our way.  Why can’t they go faster? Be better prepared? Do it my way?

Why?  Well, it’s because the world does not revolve around me!  I know, shocking isn’t it?  But it’s true.  If we want the world to be better, then we have to remember that it’s all about others! Take some time to spread some joy.  Be present to those around you.  Hand out candy canes in line.  Smile.  Don’t be in such a rush that you don’t notice others.  Let someone ahead of you at the store.

Today is the day to rejoice.  Rejoice in all the goodness around you.  Rejoice in the love of God.  Rejoice that Mary said yes. Rejoice in our Savior!


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