Respond to Jesus

Do you ever pray for God to say something to you? For a tiny tidbit to be revealed when you are praying or reading? I ask on a regular basis; I may be annoying though I choose instead to go with persistence is a positive trait. Today I heard something and was convicted. I read Matthew 21:23-27 and heard the chief priests and elders questioning Jesus about his authority. Jesus turns their question back to them asks about John the Baptist authority and they say nothing out of fear. Nothing, no response, not a word because they knew, deep in their souls, that a response would require something of them much greater than the simple answer. It would require believing in Jesus.
I sat and sat, asking God what I was supposed to learn from the behavior of those questioning Jesus. First, any response given to Jesus would have been fine; Jesus would turn it into a gift, probably of faith, to those who needed it and wanted it but were afraid to ask outright. Second, when Jesus asks for a response, I need to respond. If I get a clear word or direction and choose to not follow it, I am not acting in faith, but in fear. My non-response is a very poor witness to faith. Instead, I am giving into fear. I am not responding to Jesus who wants only good for me.
I have no quick or easy answer for myself or you if this applies, except to believe that faith is greater than fear. Let’s hold on to him as we move forward in faith.

Respond to Jesus
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