On Monday I posted this; I was wrong.  I forgot that my husband was starting school again!  He is taking Sacraments, Theology of Preaching and something else this semester.  Sacraments is Wednesday night and the other two are on the weekend.  We bought school supplies too, notebooks for a penny each.  He bought six and says they will last him until he finishes seminary.  At least I think that is what he said; clearly I am having recall issues!  At any rate, I’m retracting the statement that no one started back to school.  The thoughts and feelings though still stand.
So, I worked late, ran an errand and then had dinner all by myself.  The house is quiet and I have plenty of things to do, but I just feel like sitting and enjoying the lack of activity and noise.  Of course, that’s if I can get the voices in my head to stop.  I have some writing to do for a brief (2 minutes) talk on Adoration for Sunday and an almost finished wall hanging calling out to me. 
These last few days it seems as if solitude has become very important to me.  Considering I am an extrovert in the extreme, I’m not sure what is going on but I am accepting this need and catering to it when I can.  So, I’m going to be alone now.  See you soon.

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