We had a wonderful formation retreat at Our Lady of Florida.  The retreat leader was Deacon Alfred from Atlanta and he was a delight.  A master storyteller, he wove together the scriptures, life experiences and questions to discuss in a unique and engaging style.  We had time for group discussions both with and without our husbands.
The new class has five men in it, so now there are sixteen men enrolled in our diocese’s formation program.
The Marian prayer service on Saturday evening was beautiful.  It was amazing how each reflection built on the other and in intensity; there was a cohesiveness due to the Holy Spirit working in each of us, since none of us had spoken to each other about the reflection at all.  I had some difficulty getting through the middle part of my reflection, but in the end, it all came together.  It was divinely inspired and helped me to heal a bit.
As always after a retreat, coming back  to the real world is difficult.  So, I bought a NOOK to distract myself.

Retreat Reflection Report
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