Last Saturday Scott Hahn was presenting at at church just north of us.  It was well worth the trip.  His first talk centered around the theme of covenant in the scripture and what the early Church Fathers had to say.  St. Augustine says, “The New Testament is concealed in the Old Testament; the Old Testament is revealed in the New Testament.”  Hahn told us to read the New Testament in light of the Old Testament.  Often times I think we forget to read the Old Testament, thinking perhaps that the Gospels are more important since they tell us about Jesus.  But Jesus knew the Old Testament and referenced it frequently in his teaching.  We also need to know it.
I was fascinated by his example of the parallels between Moses and Jesus.

Pharaoh wanted him dead                                            
He had to leave flee into the desert 
God called him to save his people                                                          
The rulers would not listen to him                              
Moses turned water into blood                                 
Helped provide manna in the desert                         
Herod wanted him dead
He went into the desert to prepare for his ministry
He came to save us
Many did not listen to him
Jesus turned water into wine and then wine into blood
Multiplication of the loaves and himself in the Eucharist

Then he spoke about the passover feast and John 6 (Bread of Life discourse)
For the passover to be complete one had to slaughter the lamb, shed its blood to expiate sins, and eat the lamb, so they would love.  If, on the first passover, the Israelites did not do this, they would die.  Jesus was crucified, his blood shed for our sins and when we eat his flesh and drink his blood in the Eucharist, we have eternal life.

Scott Hahn is so engaging as a speaker, very down to earth, not afraid to tell stories about himself to bring home a point.  His knowledge is vast but I could also sense humility there and a person who loves God and the Church.  If you ever have an opportunity to hear him speak, don’t hesitate.

Scott Hahn Re-cap
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