Today I had a few interesting emails, thought I’d share:
“Thank you for your patients.” I do not work in a doctor’s office, but I get it.
“It was a please to meet you” – from an author, thank you!
And a response to an email requesting info on the numbers of years each person has been involved in ministry, “I see no one has been involved over 5 years.” Uhh, right, except for the ones who say 9 years and 10 years next to their names.

Okay, I’m complaining, no one is perfect, read my posts, I make mistakes. But these are professionals, engaging in professional correspondence.

Clearly I need a day off and confession. However, I must wait for both for a day or two. I may have to lock my office door and not engage with anyone or my sin list is going to be way long.

Seen via Email

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