It’s been one of those days, sort of, where things just don’t go the way you think they are going to go.  None of it is awful or deadly, just very not what I expected.  Of course, some of what wasn’t expected was good, like seeing my friend on the way to the podiatrist and spending the afternoon sewing with another friend.

I did make my huge list yesterday and today woke up with the title of a new site for the Year of Mercy.  So my personal endeavor is moving along.

The little glitch, well, it’s this:  I thought I had a bunion which could be removed with a minimum of fuss and quick recovery.  And then the doctor said, “interesting.”  Never good when the doctor says “interesting” while looking at your x-ray.  And both of my feet are “interesting.”

He said lots of things and asked many questions and used some words I can’t repeat (because I can’t recall or spell them) and it comes down to this:  right foot first, remove the extra bone between your big toe and the second one, and put a titanium pin thingy in my ankle.  I think my ankle.  Recovery, two months!

Right foot means no driving and I’ll get to use one of those put your knee on the little bench wheel roll things to get around.  There’s more to it of course than this, but I’m going out to dinner and probably have a beer to discuss this with the love of my life; besides, you get the general idea.

Right now, I’m praying for discernment and feeling a little like Pooh! *


  • *correction, should be Piglet, but I’m not re-doing the graphic
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